Mastercard Payment Transaction Services Turkey Information Services (MPTS)


MPTS ( operates in the field of card payments and provides various technological infrastructure services such as clearing and settlement, ATM and POS operations, and card printing services to card issuers and acquirers. The MPTS was founded under the title “Provus Information Services Corp.” in 2001 and was taken over by Mastercard Incorporated in 2014. The MPTS conducts activities such as clearing and settlement services, operates the card and data management system, and offers authorization services in Turkey and some other countries.

The MPTS ensures the clearing and settlement among its participants following the payment card transactions carried out by the customers of the institutions that the MPTS serves. The MPTS executes these clearing and settlement operations via a payment system infrastructure called the “MPTS Clearing System”, and it currently has 7 participants.

The MPTS was granted operating license as a payment system operator from the CBRT’s Decision No. 10472/20071, dated June 22, 2017, and this decision was published on the Official Gazette No. 30116, dated July 6, 2017.