Banknote Printing Plant

Banknote Printing Plant

In Turkey, the privilege of printing banknotes is held by the Grand National Assembly. Yet, this privilege was transferred to the CBRT by the Assembly. As laid down in the CBRT Law, the Bank has the exclusive authority to print and issue banknotes. The Turkish lira banknotes are designed and printed by the CBRT Banknote Printing Plant established according to the decision taken by the CBRT in 1955.


The Banknote Printing Plant,

  • Prints Turkish lira, as well as foreign exchange banknotes, and valuable papers such as government papers, stock and bond certificates, visa stamps, national lottery tickets etc. against payment;
  • Produces or procures the printing material necessary for producing banknotes or valuable papers;
  • Conducts repair, maintenance and operation work of machines, equipment, hardware and systems to ensure that they operate uninterruptedly; undertakes manufacturing work when necessary; provides technical support for premises and equipment;
  • Follows personal rights, discipline records and training activities of its staff, conducts necessary studies to determine staff cadre, provides security services, arranges catering and other support services;
  • Procures and sells all necessary goods and services; provides social affairs, accounting, staff payment system, information technology and cashier services;
  • Conducts necessary studies and collaborates with the relevant units to ensure that orders are ready on time;
  • Examines suspected counterfeit Turkish lira or FX banknotes and valuable papers produced by the Bank and conducts activities necessary for the prevention of counterfeiting;
  • Operates Quality Management System and ensures its permanence;
  • Follows and implements technological innovations in its area of activity;
  • Introduces innovations in banknote and valuable paper printing and printing technologies; carries out  necessary research to find out if the quality raw material used in printing can be produced in the domestic market, establishes experimental mechanisms for research and development activities; manufactures prototype machines and systems;
  • Determines and conducts the operational and implementation principles of the unit.

The Banknote Printing Plant Department executes its functions in seven divisions:

Banknote Production Division
Production Control and Other Products Division
Maintenance, Repairs and Plant Division
Administrative Services Division
Financial Services Division
Research and Development Division

Counterfeit Monitoring and Analysis Division

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