Organizational Structure

Head Office
Accounting Department
  • Prepares the Bank’s Accounting Plan, adapts the accounting plan to current conditions and implements it accordingly, prepares the Bank’s balance sheet, income statement and inventory register and other statements;
  • Follows international applications in accounting and financial reporting fields and conducts the necessary studies thereto;
  • Conducts studies about the Bank’s Strategic Plan;
  • Prepares a three-year budget within the scope of the multi-annual budget system and budget plans for the two years following the first budget year and ensures their implementation;
  • Conducts activity-based cost accounting activities of the Bank;
  • Keeps and maintains books pertaining to the transactions and accounts at the Head Office as prescribed by the legislation;
  • Takes necessary measures to ensure the smooth operation and improvement of the Bank’s accounting system and introduces arrangements thereof;
  • Prepares reports about the funds formed as per the laws and decrees;
  • Executes fund transfers through SWIFT, EFT, SAOS systems; conducts custody and transfer of securities through ESTS (Electronic Securities Transfer and Settlement);
  • Effects payments or handles cash proceeds arising from the purchase or sale of goods and services of the Head Office as well as the staff’s personal benefits;
  • Executes the Head Office’s statutory obligations such as taxes, levies, duties and social security deductions;
  • Maintains, follows and controls the accounting records of foreign exchange transactions of the Head Office;
  • Instructs the branches and banks on issues that fall within the scope of its mandate.
Audit Department
  • Inspects all the transactions, activities and related processes of the units, branches and representative offices of the Bank;
  • Drafts annual audit reports; submits them for the approval of the Governor and ensures their implementation;
  • Provides assurance that all the works and transactions in the Bank are made pursuant to Law No.1211, Articles of Association of the Bank, other related legislation, instructions and directives;
  • Assists in the realization of the Bank’s objectives by developing systematic approaches for the assessment and improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of risk management, internal control and governance processes of the Bank;
  • Improves the activity performance of the Bank and provides the senior management with an independent and objective assurance in the pursuit of adding value to the Bank; and offers consultancy services;
  • Provides assurance for sufficiency, effectiveness, integrity and efficiency of the software, hardware and informatics technologies possessed by the Bank as well as assurance for security against unauthorized access to them and compatibility of such ICT tools for attaining goals; secures the confidentiality of all entries and data within the informatics systems and controlled access to them;
  • Informs the Governor of the issues and developments observed during audits which necessitate examination or investigation,
  • Undertakes examinations and research pursuant to Law No. 1211 and the Articles of Association of the Bank, other laws, regulations, decisions, notifications, instructions and directives and carries out investigations when necessary;
  • Conducts audits at relevant institutions and organizations in line with the annual audit plan to be prepared considering the views and recommendations of respective departments, or at times required by the departments, and when needed, conducts reviews of existing data and documents related to such institutions at the Bank within the scope of duties and authorities entrusted to the Bank by Law no. 1211 and other legislation;
  • Checks whether the cash and other assets of the Bank are duly preserved;
  • Provides the Executive Committee, the Board and the Auditing Committee with information about the results of auditing activities on a biannual basis;
  • Undertakes other assignments requested by the Governor.
Banking and Financial Institutions Department

For the purposes of the achievement and sustainability of financial stability, monitors the institutions operating in the financial system and the developments in the financial markets, evaluates risks, carries out research and analyses, gives opinion to related authorities if needed,

Prepares the Financial Stability Report,

With the aim of reducing the macro risks and sustaining financial stability, carries out analyses about the macro-prudential measures that could be taken by the Bank, in this context, determines the principles and conditions related to reserve requirements and, if needed, general liquidity and executes tasks related to the implementation,

With Banking Law number 5411, article 144 and the related decree by the Council of Ministers, carries out the tasks assigned to the Bank related to interest rates and other benefits,

Carries out the tasks related to the maturity and types of deposits and participation funds mentioned in the Banking Law number 5411 article 60/ 7 and Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Law number 1211 articles 4/ I/1 and 40/ III/ b,

In accordance with the Banking Cards and Credit Cards Law number 5464, article 26/3, determines the maximum contractual and overdue interest rates that will be used for the credit card operations,

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law number 4077 article 10/B 12. clause and Leasing, Factoring and Financial Corporates Law number 6361 article 51/2, carries out tasks related to determining the benchmark interest rate and indices that could be used for housing loans with floating interest rate and financial leasing,

Coordinates the Bank’s work with the Financial Stability Committee, works and provides analytical analysis on the Committee’s agenda, and makes presentations to the senior officers of the Bank,

Identifies areas of cooperation between the Undersecretariat of Treasury, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and the Capital Markets Board of Turkey for the purposes of obtaining financial stability and confidence in the financial markets, coordinates the sharing of  information and documentation between said agencies, contributes to the operations of the Financial Stability Committee, and coordinates related within-bank operations,

Proposes solutions to issues arising in the event of uncertainty and lack of confidence in the financial system, and withdrawal of funds,

Presents the latest financial sector developments to the Monetary Policy Committee, and carries out analysis to meet their demands,

Carries out work that will increase the Bank’s presence and influence in international financial platforms,

Monitors and evaluates output and regulations on areas within the Department’s duties and authorities put forth by international institutions and other countries, and proposes evaluations and suggestions in light of their conclusions,

Issues opinions on regulations pertaining to banks and other financial institutions to the relevant authorities,

Carries out export rediscount credit operations through the acceptance of deeds held in foreign exchange into rediscounting,

Carries out procedures for the Bank’s medium and long term external credit arrangements,

Fulfills the duties assigned to the Bank in legislations on the value of the currency, and forward exchange, required foreign exchange turn over, exports, imports, invisible transactions, and capital movements,

Implements provisions of the legislation on export promotion.

Communications and Foreign Relations Department

Provides internal and external communication services;

Creates public opinion directly or through various means of communication in order to manage expectations with the Bank’s primary objective of achieving and maintaining price stability and performs the duties entrusted by the CBRT Law;

Conducts relations with international institutions, central banks and the European Union;

Follows the developments and new formations in the world economy and reports to the senior management;

Conducts operations related to opening and closing representative offices abroad;

Conducts operations related to the secondment of staff at foreign representations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey for the fulfillment of duties falling within the purview of the Bank stipulated in the protocol signed with the Ministry and ensure coordination in the implementation of the said protocol;

Monitors the national and international media and reports to the senior management;

Executes activities to maintain and foster the Bank’s relations with the national and international media, the public, institutions and organizations adhering to the basic principles of corporate reputation and reliability;

Acts as a spokesman of the Bank in line with the Bank’s corporate objectives, identity and goals within the framework of the basic principles of transparency, accountability, integrity, consistency and neutrality;

Conducts the necessary coordinated activities in collaboration with the related departments to establish a museum that will house valuables and objects reflecting the Bank’s activities and are worthy of displaying, and communication and information activities in order to publicize the corporate structure of the bank;

Contributes to the drafting of the CBRT Annual Report;

Organizes conferences, meetings and activities alike and provides support to other divisions in organizing such events;

Organizes the Bank’s General Meeting of Shareholders’; conducts secretarial work for meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee;

Provides translation services; conducts studies to establish and encourage the use of a corporate style in translation work and presentations with respect to linguistic, structural and compositional features;

Carries out documentation services of the Bank;

Follows national and international publications, provides documents and information;

Purchases publications and handles subscription procedures on behalf of the Bank.


The Communications and Foreign Relations Department executes its functions in six divisions and representative offices abroad:

Board and Auditing Committee Services Division
Correspondence and Library Division
European Union and Bilateral Economic Relations Division
International Economic Analysis Division
International Organization Affairs Division
Public Relations Division
Representative Offices Abroad

Human Resources Department
  • Develops and formulates the Bank’s human resources policy and makes recommendations to senior management for its effective application;
  • Recruits suitable personnel for the Bank’s needs and employs them in the organization according to their qualifications;
  • Conducts job analysis and makes arrangements in the organizational structure of the Bank to ensure productivity and efficiency;
  • Develops recommendations on adjusting staff salaries and social rights according to changing conditions;
  • Takes necessary actions regarding the appointment, personal rights and retirement of staff;
  • Undertakes all kinds of tasks related to evaluation of staff as well as awards to be given and disciplinary actions to be taken;
  • Informs employees of legislation regarding personnel, regulations on personal rights and social security, and submits its technical opinion to the related departments and authorities, when needed;
  • Conducts analysis to assess the training needs of Bank personnel;
  • Develops an effective training system in accordance with the Bank’s general objective and policy, as well as technological, economic and social developments, conducts research in this area, prepares, implements and evaluates training plans and programs;
  • Undertakes studies that promote cooperation, solidarity and motivation among the staff in order to strengthen the sense of belonging to the corporate culture of the institution;
  • Plans and organizes cultural, artistic and social activities of the Bank, encourages Bank personnel to participate in such events.
Informatics Technology Department
  • Determines the strategies for ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and automation needs of the Bank; follows technological improvements in the field of ICT; provides informatics staff with the latest information; sets mid/long term plans; prepares detailed annual work plans; carries out, completes and monitors its projects in line with  work plans;
  • Selects and assembles the most appropriate hardware, software and communication solutions; conducts research to enhance the effectiveness of ICT systems and implements changes accordingly;
  • Defines, announces and applies standards for the installment and use of ICT systems as well as meeting the needs of the ICT systems;
  • Installs backup systems to ensure continuous operation;
  • Ensures coordination among the data processing services and groups within branches on technical aspects; directs the operation, maintenance and support services and includes them in projects;
  • Conducts studies on data and IT security; establishes security layers on IT systems and develops security policies to ensure the security of the Bank’s IT systems and the data on these systems;
  • Executes studies regarding the quality and improvement for effective use of IT systems; takes necessary precautions for the uninterrupted operation of systems and their applications; determines the priorities in working plans and undertakes maintenance and repair works;
  • Develops applications regarding informatics systems according to the needs and plans of the CBRT; submits these along with users’ manuals in an operating manner to the respective units; cooperates with the Human Resources Department on the training of users;
  • Conducts documentation procedures for the work undertaken by the Department; compiles technical documents regarding the systems developed and establishes the Department’s library;
  •  Executes budgeting of the operation of IT systems, miscellaneous developments and new investments and fulfills ICT procuring processes and investment programs; ensures the smooth operation of invoice follow-up and payment transactions in collaboration with the Construction and Procurement Department;
  • Determines the goals and principles regarding payment systems such as the components to function in connection with the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Securities Transfer (EST) System, the retail payment system to be established by the Bank and the Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) System with the relevant units of the Bank; establishes and develops the payment systems and their international connections in this context and monitors the systems to ensure their reliable and efficient operation; assesses these systems in accordance with the targets set; introduces changes to  systems when necessary; assumes the responsibility for coordination of  parties within and outside the Bank regarding the systems and keeps the systems operational within the context of all these issues;
  • Provides support to the establishment of technology-supported and citizen-oriented IT systems in cooperation with other institutions and organizations within the context of e-Institution, e-Government, e-Country and e-Europe vision and studies of Turkey, when necessary;
  • Undertakes other duties assigned by the Governor.
Issue Department
  • Undertakes arrangements for printing the national currency; and ensures its circulation;
  • Puts banknotes into circulation; replaces them with new issues when necessary; regulates the printing programs of banknotes and coordinates with the Banknote Printing Plant for efficient and uninterrupted production of valuables;
  • Determines the principles pertaining to custody, transportation, cancellation and destruction of valuables;
  • Determines the working conditions of the banknote processing systems;
  • Provides the branches, banks and related institutions with notifications about foreign exchange banknotes which are put into circulation and those which are withdrawn from circulation;
  • Conducts custodian and transportation operations of banknotes, coins, gold coins and gold bullion;
  • Conducts operations concerning banknotes withdrawn from circulation, as well as the counting, sorting, cancellation and destruction of old and worn-out banknotes;
  • Executes operations concerning the exhibition of banknotes, coins, gold, government securities, stocks, bonds and historical documents and valuables;
  • Handles all financial service transactions ranging from the printing to the destruction of government securities and maintains their portfolio and provision accounts; acts as the Treasurer;
  • Conducts operations pertaining to the Bank’s shares;
  • Follows operations pertaining to the Treasury Account System, tax collection and the commissions and fees to be paid by the Bank; concludes domestic correspondent banking agreements.
Legal Services Department
  • Provides other departments with the legal assistance needed for conducting the Bank’s operations; submits its legal views on all kinds of legal matters related to the Bank, as requested by the Office of the Governor;
  • Represents the Bank in the settlement of all kinds of legal conflicts related to the Bank with the relevant authorities and concludes such procedures by taking the necessary actions;
  • Participates in the preparatory work of regulation and legal documents pertaining to the Bank, and presents its views thereupon on the approval or request of the Office of the Governor;
  • Contacts local and foreign judicial authorities, banks, universities and similar scientific institutions and organizations with the aim of monitoring legal and trial practices and providing necessary training; organizes professional meetings with these entities and ensures participation in seminars, courses and meetings organized by them, under the cognizance of and upon the approval of the Office of the Governor.
Logistics Department

Conducts operations related to purchasing, selling, leasing, construction, restoration, renovation, installation, expansion, maintenance, repair and insurance of real estate needed by the Bank;

Installs and operates mechanical, piping, electrical and electronic systems for the Bank’s buildings and facilities or has them installed;

Keeps records and undertakes the follow-up of real estates and fixtures of the Bank;

Procures, stores and allocates the fixtures, stationery, printed papers and all kinds of supplies for the use of the Bank;

Carries out the maintenance, repair, insurance, disposal and removal work of the Bank’s fixtures or has them carried out;

Provides vehicles and transportation services for the Bank and carries out other auxiliary services in its capacity;

Provides catering services for the Head Office and Ankara Branch; monitors and coordinates operations regarding catering services at the branches;

Runs and manages the social facilities and the Center for Training, Seminars and Recreation, and determines the active and retired staff of the Bank eligible to use the facilities;

Lays down the rules and procedures regarding the allocation of lodging houses and guesthouses to personnel and undertakes the relevant procedures;

Plans and implements the health care policies of the Bank, sets the rules and procedures regarding services related to social and medical assistance to be offered to Bank personnel and their family members under these policies;

Executes protection and security services of the Head Office excluding the Banknote Printing Plant, monitors and supervises these services in the Bank;

Executes the Head Office’s disaster, emergency and civil services for total defense excluding the Banknote Printing Plant, monitors and supervises these services in the Bank.

The Logistics Department executes its functions in eight divisions:
Procurement Division
Support Services Division
Security Division
Supplies Division
Construction and Real Property Division
Technical Operations Division
Social Affairs Division
Civil Defense and Mobilisation Division

Markets Department

Conducts open market operations acting for and on behalf of the Bank in line with the monetary policy targets, acts as an intermediary in the Interbank Money Market established within the Bank when deemed necessary,

Performs rediscount and advance transactions excluding acceptance and financing operations, manage the credit operations with the banking system and the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund,

Provides intraday or end of the day credit to the banking system within the framework of its lender of last resort function,

Carries out operations for determining the default interest rate for late payments in delivery of goods and services and the minimum compensation amount for recovery cost in accordance with Article 1530 of the Turkish Commercial Code,

On behalf of the Treasury, conducts primary auctions of government securities that are issued in the domestic market, performs the lease certificates’ issue on behalf of the Treasury Asset Lease Company, executes repurchase and exchange operations of these assets, and advises the Treasury on domestic borrowing issues,

Monitors national, regional and global developments and studies. Carries out analysis with respect to the monetary and exchange rate policy practices and reserve management,

Executes foreign exchange and banknote transactions within the framework of the current monetary and exchange rate policies. Provides the efficient utilization of foreign exchange and banknote funds in the banking system, arranges interbank foreign exchange and banknote movements,

Manages the gold and foreign exchange reserves of the country in international markets, by taking safety, liquidity and return priorities into consideration respectively,

Identifies the sources of market, credit, liquidity and operational risks arising from investments in international markets, measures those risks, and determines the admissible risk limits,

Carries out the fund and security transfers regarding reserve management operations, markets operations and colleteral management.

Establishes and arranges relations with the Bank’s correspondent banks for foreign exchange transactions,

Conducts and monitors the input and output of gold that will be brought by the institutions to the accounts on behalf of the Bank within the framework of the reserve requirements liability of the institutions.

Conducts and monitors the input and output of foreign exchange notice accounts of the institutions.

Payment System Department
  • Ensures smooth functioning of financial market infrastructures,
  • Monitors and evaluates national, regional and global developments, studies and regulations in the field of payment systems; contributes to related international studies; develops policies for payment and securities settlement systems within and outside the Bank as well as for payment instruments and methods,
  • Establishes bank payment systems; operates these systems in an effective and efficient way; ensures improvement of these systems in the framework of pre-determined policies,
  • Determines the targets, policies, scope, instruments and methods regarding the oversight of payment and securities settlement systems; carries out oversight activities,
  • Coordinates studies on payment and securities settlement systems within and outside the Bank that will be conducted in cooperation with national and international institutions as well as with national and international organizations of which the Bank is a member, 
  • Makes regulations on payment and securities settlement systems in coordination with relevant units of the Bank within the scope of its duties and powers thereof; contributes to regulations made by other authorities,
  • Carries out studies on the alignment of the legislation on payment and securities settlement systems with the EU acquis,
  • Conducts studies on duties entrusted to the Bank regarding authorizations for payment and securities settlement systems that will operate in Turkey and measures to be taken when needed as well as authorization for payment and electronic money institutions,
  • Follows and assesses the data on payment and securities settlement systems as well as payment instruments and methods; reports these data as a reference for future decisions to be made by the authorized bodies of the Bank,
  • Executes transactions to be conducted by the Bank as a SWIFT participant,
  • Performs activities regarding the surveillance and notification of assets to be held within the Bank, in the framework of the Law No. 6493 on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions concerning the payment and electronic money institutions,
  • Makes recommendations on principles governing the mode of printing checks and determining the amount for which drawee banks are legally responsible for paying per bad check, within the scope of the check legislation and duties entrusted to the Bank,
  • Represents the Bank in processing legislative amendments regarding checks and ensures internal coordination to this end, 
  • Performs the duties assigned to the Bank vis-à-vis the operation of the Interbank Clearing Houses Center, 
  • Takes part in determining the principles governing cash and on account payments, deposits, remittance and collection transactions to be made in Turkish lira deposit accounts of the Bank, and the principles for interest, commission, fees and expenses to be applied by the Bank to banking transactions in Turkish lira,
  • In cases of amendments to be made to Turkish lira deposit accounts in the Instruction on Tariffs, concludes the amendment requests by other departments regarding the issues that fall under their mandate in a coordinated manner, and in the cases where departments make individual amendments to the Instruction on Tariffs, incorporates such amendments into the Instruction following the notification thereof,
  • Within the context of duties entrusted to the Bank with regard to the Public Electronic Payment System (PEPS), the Internet Banking System (IBS) and related systems, ensures coordination with external institutions, carries out administrative affairs and coordinates with relevant departments of the Bank regarding technical aspects, 
  • Prepares internal regulations and ensures coordination of other procedures to be conducted by the Bank jointly with the compliance officer, within the scope of responsibilities assigned to the Bank with the legislation regarding the prevention of laundering proceeds from crime and financing terrorism,
  • Carries out necessary actions within the purview of the duties assigned to the Bank regarding  intergovernmental financial protocols or agreements related to loans and grants received by the Government from international financial institutions, member states of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), from other countries and the European Union as well as project loans borrowed by public institutions under the Government Guarantee,   
  • Instructs the branches and banks on issues that fall within the scope of its mandate.
Research and Monetary Policy Department
  • Performs economic analyses and research to contribute to the analysis of the monetary transmission mechanisms and setting the monetary and exchange rate policies to be implemented to achieve price stability, which is the primary objective of the Bank,

  • Carries out studies to aid the communication of the monetary policy strategies,

  • Publishes the inflation report and other reports requested by the Monetary Policy Committee,

  • Contributes to the monetary policy decision-making process under the inflation targeting regime and produces medium-term inflation projections and conducts required modelling studies accordingly with a view to public announcement,

  • Analyzes the data on inflation and produces short-term inflation projections in consideration of the analyses of the respective period,

  • Conducts analyses and research on the pricing behavior, determinants of inflation and inflation expectations,

  • Monitors monthly price developments and compiles required prices in this respect,

  • Develops short-term forecasting models regarding main macroeconomic variables; updates models according to changing conditions, and makes predictions regarding the short-term course of these variables,

  • Develops a system of simultaneous and leading indicators; monitors and evaluates these indicators,

  • Conducts analyses of the data on economic activity and produces short and medium-term projections in consideration of the analyses of the respective period,

  • Conducts analysis and research on the determinants of economic growth,

  • Analyzes the data on the labor market, balance of payments and the fiscal policy; produces short and medium-term projections in consideration of the analyses on the respective period and conducts research on these issues,

  • Conducts data monitoring, analysis and forecasting studies required to analyze the effect of the global economic developments on the Turkish economy,

  • Analyzes and investigates the cyclical impacts and consequences on the monetary transmission of the behaviors of banks, firms and households,

  • Conducts research and analyses on financial markets and monetary aggregates with respect to their effects on monetary policy transmission,

  • Manages CBRT Research Notes in Economics Series,

  • Provides support in developing surveys conducted by the Statistics Department and assessesing the results thereof,

  • Organizes secretarial services for Monetary Policy Committee meetings,

  • Ensures coordination within the Bank in monetary policy decision-making,

  • Performs studies on  issues and measures concerning the Bank, which are contained in development plans, annual programs and annual budgets, cooperates with relevant departments that are carrying out studies concerning these matters, provides reviews for reports of other institutions and presents the Bank’s suggestions if necessary,

    The Research and Monetary Policy Department houses one division:

    The Monetary Policy Support Division 

Statistics Department
  • Collects data on economic matters, produces statistics by compiling and processing such data; presents them to the Office of the Governor and related departments, or to other individuals and institutions deemed appropriate by the Office of the Governor within the framework of a pre-determined schedule;
  • Conducts studies in line with the Official Statistics Program of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT);
  • Conducts studies to ensure that the statistics produced within the bank comply with international standards;
  • Collaborates with other departments of the Bank in order to establish a databank, develop data-base applications and update the database;
  • Prepares tables of monetary and financial statistics;
  • Prepares the balance of payments statistics and international investment position and other related tables;
  • Analyzes the financial statements of private sector companies with an aim to monitor the effects of monetary and credit policies on the real sector on a micro and macro scale; compiles them according to international sector classification, and prepares sectoral evaluation reports;
  • Prepares and conducts various surveys that would serve to evaluating developments in the economy.
Strategy and Corporate Governance Department

Contributes to the effective implementation of strategically important projects,

Carries out studies to develop a corporate strategy,

Provides secretarial and protocol services for the Governor,

Prepares presentations, speeches and official statements for the Governor,

Provides secretarial and office services to the Bank's senior management,

Offers technical support to the Governor in strategic decision-making processes by using advanced analytical methods and financial technologies,

Organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and similar meetings on the priority issues of the Governor and provides support to other departments in organizing such events.


The Strategy and Corporate Governance Department executes its functions in three divisions:

Strategy and Business Development Division

Protocol Division

Governor’s Office

Structural Economic Research Department

Conducts research on structural impediments to the effectiveness of monetary policy, seeks alternative solutions and shares the results thereof,

Identifies structural elements that cause rigidities and persistencies in prices, collaborates with related institutions and agencies in support of the policy-making process,

Coordinates committee activities that involve relevant Ministries and institutions to eliminate structural problems, performs studies and analyses of the topics on the committees’ agenda,

Collaborates with relevant departments to identify and resolve structural impediments, provides technical assistance on structural matters to other departments when necessary,

Monitors Turkey’s structural reform agenda, reports on developments concerning the agenda, carries out studies to ensure access to data that enable the economic analysis of the outcomes of structural measures, carries out the impact evaluations of the structural policy actions in the agenda,

Performs analysis on structural issues in the Turkish economy including economic growth, productivity, labor markets, foreign trade, balance of payments, and public finance as well as human capital investments, R&D investments, infrastructure investments, entrepreneurship, education, and migration from the price stability and monetary policy perspectives,

Compiles regional information on the corporate sector and ensures the effective use of this aggregated information in monetary policy decision-making process,

Undertakes research on the structural transformation, setbacks in convergence and regional integration regarding the EU accession process,

Conducts coordination activities to set the research agenda of the Bank,

Facilitates technical coordination of academic activities at the Bank,

Fulfills the editorial and publishing tasks of the CBRT Working Paper series and the “Central Bank Review” journal.

Workers Remittances Department

Operates foreign exchange deposit accounts of Turkish workers abroad

As of January 1, 2014 opening new foreign exchange deposit accounts was terminated.

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