General Information

General Information

The term ''counterfeiting'' can be defined as producing imitations of coins and banknotes in particular, or making alterations to genuine currencies for the purpose of raising their denominational values.

Emerging in the first half of the 19th century, counterfeiting attempts of banknotes are ever increasing and getting diversified today as a result of technological innovations. In fact, the use of printing machines, color copiers, and scanners especially for this purpose constitutes a major element in the spreading of counterfeiting incidents in our country as well as all around the world.

Obviously, creating public awareness is as crucial as taking punitive measures for the prevention of the counterfeiting of banknotes, which presents a threat to national economies. Furthermore, public awareness of  this matter will ensure rapid capture of counterfeiters and substantially minimize any losses that such forgery creates in the economy.

In fact, every year, many people in our country suffer unfortunate distress and financial loss due to counterfeit banknotes, which they receive unknowingly. Therefore, in order to prevent and fight  the counterfeiting of banknotes effectively, "Rules and Regulations on Assessment and Evaluation of Counterfeit Banknotes" was published in the Official Gazette No. 25901 dated 9/8/2005, and it took effect pursuant to Article 73 of the Criminal Procedure Code No. 5271 dated 4/12/2004 , which became operative taking effect on 1 June 2005 and Article 17 of the Enforcement and Application Procedure of the Criminal Procedure Code No.5320 dated 23/3/2005.

Within the scope of the above mentioned legislation, our Bank is determined to act as a legal expert on the counterfeiting of banknotes and is also committed to sustaining trust in the Turkish Lira, as one of its main targets. In order to achieve this aim and track the counterfeiting of banknotes throughout the country, the “Counterfeit Banknote Monitoring System” (SBİS) became operative  on 1 January 2006, which is seated in   our Bank and at the disposal of  the General Directorate of Turkish National Police and General Command of Gendarmerie in  their  headquarters and 81 city center offices and The Directorate General of Customs Enforcement and related units. Thanks to the SBİS, law enforcement agencies can easily draw connections between banknote counterfeiting incidents and fight against  counterfeiting more effectively. At the same time,  our Bank can track the loss  to the Country's economy by banknote counterfeiting and follow which security features on TL banknotes produced by the Banknote Printing Plant are counterfeited, how they are forged and to what degree. This  information and experience may help us to determine the security features of new Emission Group banknotes to be issued at a later date.

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