Information on Counterfeit Foreign Currency

Information on Counterfeit Foreign Currency

Methods used for counterfeiting Turkish Lira banknotes are also observed to be used for manufacturing forged foreign currency. In the market, there are counterfeit foreign currencies manufactured by a longstanding offset printing technique, and it is seen that counterfeit foreign currencies are also produced by advanced computer and printer technology as well as with techniques such as color copiers/Laser-inkjet printers etc.

Among the foreign currencies densely used in circulation in our country, counterfeit USD and Euro are encountered much more frequently in comparison to other foreign currencies. Especially in the case of 100 USD banknotes, there are counterfeits known as "Super Dollars" on the international market belonging to the old series of USD, which are highly deceptive.

Fake USD currencies produced by offset printing are still common; however, counterfeit Euro currencies are found to be produced specially using digital technology.

It is observed that in counterfeiting incidents, mainly paper found on the market is used, and security features such as watermarks, security threads etc. are attempted to be imitated by printing. Moreover, UV features used in original banknotes can be faked so successfully that they can be highly deceptive.

Furthermore, there are also incidents of forgery on low denomination banknotes of several countries, and these banknotes are used instead of high denomination currencies with international validity.

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