Turkish Lira and Foreign Exchange Deposits

Turkish Lira and Foreign Exchange Deposits

According to The Communiqué On Reserve Requirements, No. 2005/1 based on Article 40-II of The Law on the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey No.1211 as amended by Banking Law No. 5411, dated 19.10.2005 banks are obliged to maintain required reserves at the Central Bank for their liabilities.

The tables below are prepared by using Turkish Lira and foreign exchange deposits data which are included among liabilities subject to reserve requirement and reported by the depository banks according to the implementation instructions related to the Communiqué mentioned above.

Deposits subject to reserve requirement include the deposits of real and legal persons, interbank deposits (excluding domestic interbank deposits) and the deposits collected in Turkey by the banks on behalf of their branches abroad.


Maturity Breakdown of Turkish Lira and Foreign Exchange Deposits in Banks (Excel)

Currency Breakdown of Foreign Exchange Deposits in Banks (Excel)

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