BIS-Consolidated and Locational Banking Statistics

BIS-Consolidated and Locational Banking Statistics

BIS - Locational and Consolidated Banking Statistics Developments

Data-BIS Consolidated Banking Statistics

Data-BIS Locational Banking Statistics


BIS-Consolidated Banking Statistics (CBS) aim to classify quarterly data on resident banks’ international financial claims by debtor country, remaining maturity and sector of the borrower. Data of domestic banks also include the claims of their branches abroad, whereas foreign banks’ data include only their claims on residents in their home country.

BIS-Locational Banking Statistics (LBS) are compiled by the CBRT from the resident banks operating in Turkey in line with the definitions, scope and classifications determined by the BIS for the said statistics. Assets and liabilities items of the LBS tables mainly represent the banking sector’s claims on and liabilities to non-residents, as well as claims on and liabilities to residents in foreign currency vis-a vis selected countries and country groups. Total banking and non-banking sectoral breakdown is also provided.

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