New Turkish Lira



New Turkish Lira Campaign



Then Onwards New Turkish Lira (YTL) Will Be the Only Currency Unit


New Turkish Lira Banknotes




o   The New Turkish Lira Article, The Turkish American (Fall 2005)

o   Announcement on the Withdrawalof Turkish Lira Banknotes from Circulation

o   Governor SerdengeÁti's Presentation about Money Reform and Developments (Ankara, 06/09/2005)  

o Announcement on The Reproduction and Publication of Illustrations and Images of Banknotes,(with amendments 13/10/2004)

o Governer SerdengeÁtiís Presentation about New Turkish Lira Publicity Campaign (Ankara, 23/09/2004)

o Announcement on The YTL Information Campaign,( 29/07/2004)

o Turkish Lira Currency Conversion Seminar-08/07/2004, London

o Capital Markets and New Turkish Lira Conversion

o An Examplary List of CBRT Indicative Exchange Rates to Be Announced After the Introduction of New Turkish Lira

o Governor SerdengeÁtiís Presentation about New Turkish Lira (Ankara, 10/02/2004)

o Law on the Currency Unit of the Republic of Turkey, General Statement of Reasons and the Rationale of Articles (Law No: 5083)