The ISCB organizes training programs in order to enhance capacity building for central banking and policy making. The ISCB engineers these events in a way to provide the utmost benefit for the participants. Most ISCB training programs are therefore designed to be methodological, application-oriented, experience-based and interactive.


The ISCB training events are typically offered in the forms of seminars and workshops.  Seminars aim to refresh and broaden the knowledge of participants on particular practices of central banking while providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and learn about country practices. Workshops are designed to provide a platform to bring together the central bankers and scholars to discuss recent literature and country experiences regarding issues related to central banking.


The ISCB accepts applications of experts, officials and economists working for central banks and related policy institutions from all over the world for the training events. Those who are interested in applying for the training programs can refer to the event pages for descriptions of the expected background for prospective applicants.




4-6 March 2019

  • Seminar on "Central Bank Communication: Building Knowledge and Trust in a Changing World"


18-21 March 2019

  • Workshop on "Managing Risks in Islamic Banking and Finance"- A joint event with the International Islamic University Malaysia


25-28 March 2019

  • Seminar on "Corporates' Use of Derivatives and Implications for Emerging Market Central Banks"


1-4 April 2019

  • Seminar on "Internal Audit Practices at Central Banks"


8-10 April 2019

  • Seminar on "Sectoral Financial Accounts"


16-19 April 2019

  • Seminar on "Balance of Payments and External Statistics"


18-19 April 2019

  • Workshop on "Monetary Policy"


11-13 June 2019

  • Workshop on "Stress Testing for Islamic Financial Institutions" - A joint event with the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions


8-11 July 2019

  • Workshop on "Central Bank Policy Mix: Issues, Challenges and Policy Response" - A joint event with the Bank Indonesia


22-26 July 2019

  • Workshop on "Enhancing the Safety and Efficiency of the National Payments System: The Role of the Overseer" - A joint event with the Toronto Centre


2-4 September 2019

  • Seminar on "Making Use of Big Data in Emerging Market Central Banks"


9-12 September 2019

  • Seminar on "Payment Systems and Instruments"


16-18 September 2019

  • Seminar on "Organizational Transformation at Central Banks"


23-26 September 2019

  • Seminar on "Prudential Supervision of the Banking Sector and Macroprudential Regulations"


30 September-2 October 2019

  • Seminar on "Foreign Exchange Reserve and Risk Management" - A joint event with the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum


7-11 October 2019

  • Seminar on "Survey Design and Implementation"


16-18 October 2019

  • Seminar on "Cyber Security in Central Banks"


11-14 November 2019

  • Seminar on "Applied Econometrics for Emerging Market Central Banks"


18-21 November 2019

  • Seminar on "Cash Circulation Management"


25-27 November 2019

  • Seminar on "An Inclusive Financial Risk Management Approach for Central Banks"


2-6 December 2019

  • Workshop on "Understanding Risk Management in Islamic Banking in the Times of Fintech" - A joint event with the Toronto Centre


16-19 December 2019

  • Seminar on "Financial Market Instruments and Central Banks"