What's New?


The İMB introduces eight new training events in 2018.


  • 26-29 March 2018: Seminar on "Corporates’ Use of Derivatives and Implications for Emerging Market Central Banks"
  • 7-9 May 2018: Seminar on "Central Bank Communication: How to Keep Up with the Latest Trends?"
  • 3-5 September 2018: Seminar on "Making Use of Big Data in Emerging Market Central Banks"
  • 17-19 October 2018: Seminar on "Cyber Security in Central Banks"
  • 5-8 November 2018: Seminar on "Monetary Policy and Financial Markets"
  • 12-15 November 2018: Seminar on "Applied Econometrics for Central Bankers"
  • 3-4 December 2018: Workshop on "Challenges and Worldwide Applications of Credit Reporting Systems"
  • 10-14 December 2018: Seminar on "Enhancing the Safety and Efficiency of the Payments System"