About ISCB


The Istanbul School of Central Banking (ISCB), founded by the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye in 2013, provides a scene for thought-provoking discussions and analysis on global economic and financial challenges with a special emphasis on central banking topics.


The ISCB gives high priority to collaboration among central banks, related policy institutions and academics. Against this backdrop of perspective, the School organizes research activities, technical cooperation and training programs. The main objective of these programs is to stimulate a better understanding of the financial and economic developments which are of interest to central banks and other related policy institutions.


All ISCB programs are tailored to elicit distinct ideas from the participants using their backgrounds. The aim of gathering experiences, practices and views from all around the globe lies at the heart of all the ISCB’s activities hence the School serves as a meeting point where the central bankers and scholars can discuss contemporary topics, exchange experiences and ideas and give lectures. As a reflection of this, the ISCB has been hosting an increasing number of participants and widening its outreach among the global central banking community.

The ISCB Catalog can be downloaded here.