Press Release on Reserve Requirements (2018-32)


No: 2018-32

13 August 2018

Press Release on Reserve Requirements

To support effective functioning of financial markets and flexibility of the banks in their liquidity management;

  • Turkish lira reserve requirement ratios have been reduced by 250 basis points for all maturity brackets.
  • Reserve requirement ratios for non-core FX liabilities have been reduced by 400 basis points for the following maturities.
Other FX Liabilities Current Reserve Requirement Ratios New Reserve Requirement Ratios
Up to (and including) 1-year maturity 24% 20%
Up to (and including) 2-year maturity 19% 15%
Up to (and including) 3-year maturity 14% 10%
  • The maximum average maintenance facility for FX liabilities has been raised to 8 percent.
  • In addition to US dollars, euro can be used for the maintenance against Turkish lira reserves under the reserve options mechanism.

With this revision, approximately 10 billion TL, 6 billion US dollars, and 3 billion US dollars equivalent of gold liquidity will be provided to the financial system.



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Press Release on Reserve Requirements (2018-32)