Press Release on Turkey's Short-Term External Debt Statistics - 19/09/2011


Turkey's short-term external debt data published under the heading of "International Investment Position" statistics is started to be disseminated under the "Short-Term External Debt Statistics" as of today. In this context, the "International Investment Position and Short-Term External Debt Statistics" is added as a new section to "Data/Periodic Data" at the CBRT's Internet address; Under the heading of Short-Term External Debt Statistics, tables on :

  • Short-term external debt stock,
  • Short-term external debt stock by borrowers,
  • Short-term external debt stock by creditors,
  • Short-term external debt stock's currency composition and,
  • Short-term external debt stock on a remaining maturity basis,
  • are started to be published. "Short-Term External Debt Developments", which summarizes the developments in the short-term external debt stock, is also provided.

Short-term external debt statistics will continue to be published on a monthly basis.