Information on Counterfeit Foreign Banknotes

Counterfeiting methods used for Turkish lira banknotes are also used for foreign banknotes*.Along with the longstanding use of offset printing, computer and printer technology is also being employed in the market to produce counterfeit foreign banknotes.

The US dollar and the Euro are the most frequently counterfeited foreign currencies in Türkiye. For example, there are counterfeit US one hundred-dollar bills called “Super dollars” on the international market that belong to the old series of USD. 

Counterfeit US dollar banknotes are mostly produced with the offset printing technology whereas the digital technology is largely preferred in the production of counterfeit Euro banknotes.  

The counterfeit foreign banknotes have the following features: 

  • They are produced with paper that can be easily found on the market, 
  • Security features such as watermark and security thread are imitated through print,
  • Features that are discernible when the banknote is held up to UV light are counterfeited so successfully that they can be highly deceptive,
  • Low-value banknotes of several foreign countries are modified, and these modified versions are introduced to the market as if they are internationally recognized high-value currencies. 

*Readily available paper money and coins, excluding checks and other bills.