The branches of the CBRT are established with the decision of the Board. Branch management is composed of a director and one or more deputy directors depending on the transaction volume and importance of the branch.

The CBRT has 21 branches in Türkiye. These are:

  • Adana Branch
  • Ankara Branch
  • Antalya Branch
  • Bursa Branch
  • Denizli Branch
  • Diyarbakır Branch
  • Edirne Branch
  • Erzurum Branch
  • Eskişehir Branch
  • Gaziantep Branch
  • İskenderun Branch
  • İstanbul Branch
  • İzmir Branch
  • İzmit Branch
  • Kayseri Branch
  • Konya Branch
  • Malatya Branch
  • Mersin Branch
  • Samsun Branch
  • Trabzon Branch
  • Van Branch