Financial Literacy and Economics Education


The CBRT aims to reach out to different audiences with the financial literacy and economics education programs that are called Economics for All.

The objective of Economics for All is to raise awareness and the level of knowledge by offering varying content about economics and central banking. To this end, the CBRT prepares publications for different target groups (available in Turkish only).

Within the scope of Economics for All, the CBRT visited a number of primary schools in Ankara as a pilot project in 2017. During these visits, 2,000 fourth-grade students were informed about various concepts such as money, inflation and the CBRT.

The CBRT hosts university students, another target group of Economics for All, at the CBRT Headquarters in Ankara.  These informative programs for university students mostly focus on the core functions of the CBRT and career opportunities at the CBRT. 

Moreover, the CBRT have launched Economics for All, a Turkish-language microsite whose aim is to explain aspects of economics, monetary policy and central banking and to raise the level of knowledge and awareness. To this end, Economics for All offers infographics, videos and animations about financial and economics education.