Central Banks Bilateral Relations


The Central Bank maintains bilateral relations with central banks and monetary authorities of other countries to play an active role in the international arena. In this framework, the Central Bank has signed memorandums of understanding with other central banks and accordingly, it performs technical cooperation and high-level dialogue activities. 

The Bank signed the first memorandum of understanding in 2010 as part of a drive to formalize its bilateral relations with other central banks. So far, the Bank has signed memorandums of understanding with 40 central banks from different regions of the world, particularly those in the nearby geography with whom Türkiye has cultural and historical ties. These memorandums of understanding are intended to introduce new and enhanced cooperation, ensure continued and regular communication among central banks, and develop an understanding of cooperation based on exchange of information and experience in the field of central banking.

Memorandums of Understanding Signed with Other Central Banks

Country Date
Kazakhstan April 2024
Brazil April 2024
Spain February 2024
Turkmenistan November 2021
United Arab Emirates November 2021
Uzbekistan August 2021
Azerbaijan December 2020
Libya August 2020
Somalia January 2020
Kosovo October 2018
Sudan June 2018
Romania May 2018   
Moldova May 2018
Hungary May 2018
Qatar November 2017
Albania November 2017
Iran September 2017
Tunisia September 2017
Serbia September 2017
Macedonia July 2017
Ukraine June 2017
Georgia March 2017
Bulgaria March 2017
Bosnia-Herzogovina March 2017
Kyrgyzstan January 2016
Mozambique December 2015
Indonesia September 2015
Montenegro September 2014
Afghanistan October 2013
Italy August 2013
Germany March 2013
Tajikistan December 2012
ECB July 2012
Mauritania June 2012
Malaysia May 2012
Mongolia September 2011
Iraq September 2011
Lebanon February 2011
Belarus August 2010
Russia July 1997