5 Turkish Lira


5 Turkish Lira (VI. Series)

Emission Group : E9
Series  : VI.
Printed at  : Türkiye
Issue Date : 28 March 2022
Signatures  : Prof. Dr. Şahap Kavcıoğlu (Governor) 
Taha Çakmak (Vice Governor)
Size : 64 x 130 mm
Obverse  : A portrait of Atatürk
Reverse  : A portrait of Ord. Prof. Aydın Sayılı
Dominant Color : Purple


Prof. Dr. Şahap Kavcıoğlu
Taha Çakmak
Vice Governor

Security Features

Holographic Stripe

The foil is made up of various motifs that are in harmony with the note design. When looking at a banknote from various angles, these motifs display colourful and shiny reflections. "TL" letters in the rectangle change into the denomination numeral.

Security Thread

Embedded in the paper, the thread bears the letters "TL" and the denomination numeral "5". When holding a banknote to the light, the thread can be seen from both sides as a continuous line.


Latent Number

Concealed "5" can be seen when the banknote is tilted horizontally at the eye level.



Reproduces the small version of the Atatürk's portrait located on the obverse side of the banknote and the denomination numeral "5". It can be seen from both sides when held up to the light.


See Through

When held up to the light, front and back elements of the motif combine the form the denomination numeral.

Obverse Reverse When held against light


Intaglio Printing

Located at various positions on the obverse side of the banknotes and can be felt with fingertips.


Iridescent Stripe

Gives different colour effects, shifting into a golden yellow. The denomination numeral "5" and the letters "TL" can be seen when the banknote is tilted.

Security Feature for Visually Impaired

On the obverse side of the banknote, to the upper left corner of the watermark, "dots" using the Braille alphabet, are applied by intaglio printing which are different for each denomination and can be felt with fingertips.


Difference in Dimensions

All of the banknotes differ 6 mm in lenght whereas every successive group of 2 banknotes differ 4 mm in width.

Difference in Dimensions

Tinted Banknote Paper

Paper tinted with a lighter tone of the the dominant colour of the denomination is used.


The letters "TCMB" on the bottom and top edges of the rectangle on the holographic stripe and "5 TL" within the crescent-star on the obverse side of the banknotes are printed in microletters.


Features Visible under UV Light

a) Banknote paper does not fluoresce under UV light.

b) Fine fibres embedded in the banknote paper are not normally visible. These fibres glow in blue and red colours under UV light.


c) The security thread will glow in blue.

d) The denomination numeral "5" and "TL" letters on the Atatürk portrait will appear and glow in red.


e) The serial and sequence numbers printed in "red" will glow in "bright and shiny red" and those printed in "black" in a "yellowish green".