2nd International Photography Contest on “Economy and Crafts”


As a field of production within the economy, crafts reflect the cultural values of a society through the diversity they offer and a common language of expression. Evolving around a master-apprentice relationship and passed down from generation to generation, crafts are built upon artisanship and hard work as well as on training. It is a field which contributes not only to the economy but also to the common culture that shapes a society. 

In this context, the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye's International Photography Contest with the theme “Economy and Crafts” aims to support the photographic arts and photography artists, to strengthen national and international communication channels, to underscore the importance of crafts via the art of photography, and to raise and expand at the international level people's awareness about universal diversity through a focus on crafts in different societies. 

The contest attracted approximately 9,000 photographs by more than 2,500 artists from 74 countries. The jury consisted of photographers Ersin Alok, İbrahim Zaman, İlyas Göçmen, Tekin Ertuğ and CBRT Board member Nurullah Genç. Of the photographs submitted, 14 received an award and 60 were selected for exhibition.  

The opening ceremony of the exhibition displaying a total of 74 photographs took place on Wednesday, 6 February 2019 at 7.00 p.m. at CerModern Arts Center in Ankara. The exhibition will be on display until 27 February 2019.

Opening of International Photography Contest Exhibition "Economy and Crafts"