Auditing Committee


The Auditing Committee is composed of four members to be elected by the General Assembly. In the event that a member of the Auditing Committee leaves the post, the other members of the Auditing Committee shall elect in his/her place a person who meets the requirements for election to hold office until the first meeting of the General Assembly.

The term of office of the Auditing Committee members is two years.

  • The Auditing Committee supervises all the operations and accounts of the Bank,
  • The Office of the Governor is obliged to provide all information and documents requested by the Auditing Committee,
  • The Auditing Committee, having no administrative power, submits its opinions in writing to the Board and presents a copy thereof to the Presidency of the Republic,
  • The Committee submits a report to the General Assembly to be drawn up on the operations and accounts of the Bank at the end of the year.



Prof. Mehmet Babacan

Ramazan Güngör

Bekir Bayrakdar

Prof. Metin Toprak