Treasury Operations


The general framework of the Treasury Operations is governed by the CBRT Law. Accordingly, the Bank is the financial and economic advisor of the Government.

1. Financial and Economic Advisor:

The CBRT shall be the financial and economic consultative body of the Government. In this capacity, the CBRT shall submit detailed information on issues concerning money and credit that the Government needs to analyze.

2. Fiscal Agent:

The CBRT may be assigned as the fiscal agent of the Government in the international financial and economic relations of the country.

As the fiscal agent of the Government, the CBRT may carry out the following duties but shall not take over liability from third parties due to these duties:

  • Financial servicing of all types of domestic borrowing instruments,
  • Foreign exchange control in accordance with special laws or decisions based on these laws,
  • Implementing foreign trade regime.

3. Treasurer:

The Central Bank carries out all collections and payments of the Government within the country and abroad as well as all Treasury transactions and all kinds of money transfers.

Treasury Auctions

The CBRT is responsible for conducting auctions for Government Domestic Debt Securities on behalf of the Treasury as per the CBRT Law and the Law No: 4749 on Regulating Public Finance and Debt Management. 

Treasury auctions are generally held on Mondays and/or on Tuesdays. The schedule for the auctions is announced in the Treasury’s “Domestic Borrowing Strategy” document that includes information for the next 3 months and is issued at the end of each month.  

Detailed information on the auctions are announced by the Treasury at least one day prior to the auction date and issued on the web page of the Undersecretariat of Treasury. 


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